Lil Mo, age 6, with my bestie Winchester.

Lil Mo, age 6, with my bestie Winchester.

Hey, I’m Morgan.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. Sending my words out into the universe helps me understand the world around me and the world within. I made Morgantic to create a platform for my rants and ramblings about recovery, feminism, relationships, and coming of age at a time when the world feels like it’s falling apart. I’m inspired by writers Samantha Irby, Lindy West, and Patricia Lockwood, and in my writing I try to bring the same wit and humor to dark experiences.

I live in Bellingham, WA with my car-enthusiast husband, adopted senior citizen doggo, Amelia, and three dozen house plants. I’m a tenacious advocate for social justice, a committed community organizer, and an irrepressible optimist. By day, I manage the legislative affairs program for a statewide reproductive freedom advocacy organization, and I serve on the board of a local grassroots group called the Riveters Collective. When I’m not rallying or writing, you can find me buying more houseplants, to my husband’s great dismay.

Anyways, welcome to Morgantic. It’s my real life, but bigger. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!