In addition to publishing weekly Morgantic blog posts on this site, I also publish personal essays and reported articles in online and print publications around the world. You can find them linked below.


Abortion Barriers in a Pro-Choice State Almost Killed Me,” Ravishly 5/21/19

“When I moved to Seattle, Washington, from the rural south, I was stoked. Finally, I was leaving the Bible-thumping radio stations and pro-life billboards behind. A new life in a progressive city lay ahead, and the feminist future I envisioned for myself kept me high on optimism for weeks after my arrival. My rose-colored glasses faded fast when I got pregnant by accident.”


“Picking Crabs,” Dirty Spoon Radio Hour 7/5/19

In spite of the plethora of sea creatures I could eat here on any given day, Maryland blue crabs are still my favorite crabs. Florida can keep its Stone Crabs and Maine its Lobster, Alaska’s King Crab and the bayou its crayfish. They can keep the butter and fancy claw crunchers and little plastic bibs. All I want is a hot, steaming pile of blue crabs smothered with so much Old Bay it makes your eyes water….