Oh, hello!

Welcome to Morgantic!

Welcome to Morgantic!

When I first decided to make a blog for my writing, my first thought was that I needed to find a good name. Everyone and their brother has a blog, and most of them seep into the dark abyss of irrelevance. With a catchy name, I imagined that my blog could climb the ladder of internet fame from triviality to to something my mom would definitely read and maybe some other people too. That sounds like success to me.

So, I set out to find blog names that would play on my name, Morgan. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Morgasm. Yes, that was my first idea, which I still think is great but ended up scrapping when I imagined my grandpa reading the blog.

  2. Morganism, as in a small, individual living creature named Morgan.

  3. Morganism, as in a pithy saying or philosophy attributed to me.

  4. Morgan Transfer, as in organ transfer…. but, gross.

  5. Morgantic. Not a perfect pun, but perfectly summarizes the stories I want to tell on this platform: real stories, larger than life. Morgan, but Gigantic. Morgantic.

So, here we are friends! Welcome to Morgantic. Here, you’ll find the rambling, raving diatribes of a red-headed hippie. Topics may include but are not limited to eating disorder recovery, substance abuse, feminism, fuck ups, travelogs, love stories, hate stories, and tales of adventure.

Thanks for reading!

Finding Amelia

Finding Amelia